Approximation algorithms

Vazirani, Vijay V.

Approximation algorithms - Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2001. - xix, 378 p. : illustrations ;

Included Problem, Subject Index.

Combinatorial algorithms --
Set cover --
Steiner tree and TSP --
Multiway cut and k-cut --
k-center --
Feedback vertex set --
Shortest superstring --
Knapsack --
Bin packing --
Minimum makespan scheduling --
Euclidean TSP --
LP-based algorithms --
Introduction to LP-Duality --
Set cover via dual fitting --
Rounding applied to set cover --
Set cover via the primal-dual schema --
Maximum satisfiability --
Scheduling on unrelated parallel machines --
Multicut and integer multicommodity flow in trees --
Multiway cut --
Multicut in general graphs --
Sparsest cut --
Steiner forest --
Steiner network --
Facility location --
k-median --
Semidefinite programming --
Other topics --
Shortest vector --
Counting problems --
Hardness of approximation --
Open problems --
An overview of complexity theory for the algorithm designer --
Basic facts from probability theory.

"The challenge met by this book is to capture the beauty and excitement of work in this thriving field and to convey in a lucid manner the underlying theory and methodology. Many of the research results presented have been simplified, and new insights provided. Perhaps the most important aspect of the book is that it shows simple ways of talking about complex, powerful algorithmic ideas by giving intuitive proofs,

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Computer algorithms.
Mathematical optimization.

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