System software : an introduction to systems programming

Beck, Leland L. ;

System software : an introduction to systems programming - 3rd Edition. - New Delhi : Pearson Education, ©1997. - xiii, 519 p. : illustrations ;

Includes Index.

1. Background. Introduction. System Software and Machine Structure. The Simplified Instructional Computer (SIC). Traditional (CISC) Architectures. RISC Architectures. 2. Assemblers. Basic Assembler Functions. Machine-Dependent Assembler Features. Machine-Independent Assembler Features. Assembler Design Options. Implementation Examples. 3. Loaders and Linkers. Basic Loader Functions. Machine-Dependent Loader Features. Machine-Independent Loader Features. Loader Design Options. Implementation Examples. 4. Macro Processors. Basic Macro Processor Functions. Machine-Independent Macro Processor Features. Macro Processor Design Options. Implementation Examples. 5. Compilers. Basic Compiler Functions. Machine-Dependent Compiler Features. Machine-Independent Compiler Features. Compiler Design Options. Implementation Examples. 6. Operating Systems. Basic Operating System Functions. Machine-Dependent Operating System Features. Machine-Independent Operating System Features. Operating System Design Options. Implementation Examples. 7. Other System Software. Database Management Systems (DBMS). Text Editors. Interactive Debugging Systems. 8. Software Engineering Issues. Introduction to Software Engineering Concepts. System Specifications. Procedural Design. Object-Oriented Design. System Testing Strategies.

This edition covers recent developments in the field, providing modern architecture and software examples, including the Intel family, IBM Power PCs and Sun SPARCs. Object-oriented concepts are covered throughout the book and the text covers such current topics as client/server systems.

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Systems programming (Computer science)

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