DBase for business students : an active-learning approach

Muir, J. :

DBase for business students : an active-learning approach - London : DP Publications, 1992. - x, 172 p. :

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Introduction - databases in business; using the control centre; creating and searching a database; views and queries - retrieving selected records; modifying the database structure; adding and deleting records; indexing and sorting; producing printed reports; designing data entry screens; checking user output; the applications generator; using the dot prompt to create and search a database; dot prompt commands; creating and running a program; program debugging; programming using screens, queries and printed reports; decisions and conditions - IF and DO CASE commands; looping or iteration - DO WHILE, ENDDO; locating duplicate records; using multiple databases - updating and joining; passing parameters between programs; conclusion - bringing it all together.

A book aimed at students on a wide variety of business courses who need to know how to use dBase IV, the industry-standard database management system for IBM PC and compatibles. No business or computing knowledge is assumed. A free disk is provided for lecturers adopting the book as a course text.

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Dbase Iv (Computer Program)
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