Introduction to mathematical logic

Church, Alonzo

Introduction to mathematical logic - Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, 1996. - ix, 378 pages ; - Princeton landmarks in mathematics and physics. .

*Frontmatter, pg. i*Preface, pg. v*Contents, pg. vii*Introduction, pg. 1*I. The Propositional Calculus, pg. 69*II. The Propositional Calculus (Continued), pg. 119*III. Functional Calculi of First Order, pg. 168*IV. The Pure Functional Calculus of First Order, pg. 218*V. Functional Calculi of Second Order, pg. 295*Index of Definitions, pg. 357*Index of Authors, pg. 373*Errata, pg. 377

Logic is sometimes called the foundation of mathematics: the logician studies the kinds of reasoning used in the individual steps of a proof. Alonzo Church's contributions to number theory and theories of algorithms and computability laid the theoretical foundations of computer science. This book is a basic source for understanding formal logic

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Logic, Symbolic and mathematical.

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