Discrete mathematics with graph theory

Goodaire, Edgar G.

Discrete mathematics with graph theory - 2nd ed. - New Delhi: Prentice-Hall, 2002. - xix, 465p. : illustrations ;

Includes Index.

1. Yes, There Are Proofs! 2. Sets and Relations. 3. Functions. 4. The Integers. 5. Induction and Recursion. 6. Principles of Counting. 7. Permutations and Combinations. 8. Algorithms. 9. Graphs. 10. Paths and Circuits. 11. Applications of Paths and Circuits. 12. Trees. 13. Depth-First Search and Applications. 14. Planar Graphs and Colorings. 15. The Max Flow-Min Cut Theorem. Solutions to Selected Exercises.. Glossary.

For courses in Discrete Mathematics. Examples and exercises integrated throughout each chapter serve to pique student interest and bring clarity to even the most complex concepts. Above all, the book is designed to engage students in the interesting, applicable facets of modern mathematics.

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Computer science -- Mathematics.

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