Marxian theory and the third world /

Marxian theory and the third world / - New Delhi ; Beverly Hills : Sage Publications, 1985. - 325 p. ;

PART ONE: SOME THEORETICAL PROBLEMSIn Search of a Theory of Pre-capitalist Modes of Production - Diptendra BanerjeeMarx and Non-European Development - Terrell CarverMarx's Anthropology and the Problems of Evolutionism - Cyril LevittMarxism and Anthropology - John Clammer Reflections and QuestionsMarx's Theory of Modes of Production - Miomir Jaksic Problems of Colonialism and UnderdevelopmentThe Articulation of Modes and Forms of Production - Harold WolpePART TWO: THE ASIATIC MODE OF PRODUCTION AND ALLIED PROBLEMSMarx's Concept of the Asiatic Mode of Production - Heinz Lubasz A Genetic AnalysisMarx and the 'Original' Form of India's Village Community - Diptendra BanerjeeMarx on Pre-colonial India - Harbans Mukhia An EvaluationPART THREE: MARXIAN THEORY AND THIRD WORLD REALITIESThe Continuing Importance of Marx's Approach to Economic Development from One Mode of Production to Another - Bruce McFarlaneMarxian Categories and Colombian Realities - Orlando Fals-BordaClass and State in Pakistan - Hamza AlaviIndustrialisation in the Non-European World - Tom KempOn the Political Economy of Socialism - Ben Fine Theoretical Considerations with Reference to Non-European and European ExperienceExplanation, Generalisation and Marxist Theory vis-a-vis Third World Development - Peter T Manicas

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