Experimental Designs

Cochran, William G.

Experimental Designs - 2nd ed. - New York : Wiley, 1992. - XIV, 611 pages : Illustrations ; - Wiley classics library. .

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Methods for Increasing the Accuracy of Experiments. Notes on the Statistical Analysis of the Results. Completely Randomized, Randomized Block, and Latin Square Designs. Factorial Experiments. Confounding. Factorial Experiments in Fractional Replication. Factorial Experiments with Main Effects Confounded: Split-Plot Designs. Factorial Experiments Confounded in Quasi-Latin Squares. Some Methods for the Study of Response Surfaces. Incomplete Block Designs. Lattice Designs. Balanced and Partially Balanced Incomplete Block Designs. Lattice Squares. Incomplete Latin Squares. Analysis of the Results of a Series of Experiments. Random Permutations of 9 and 16 Numbers. Selected Bibliography. List of Author References. Tables of t and F. Index.

The past six years have seen a substantial increase in the attention paid by research workers to the principles of experimental design. The Second Edition of brings this handbook up to date, while retaining the basic framework that made it so popular.

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