Problems and solutions for Complex analysis

Shakarchi, Rami

Problems and solutions for Complex analysis - New York : Springer, ©1999. - xi, 246 pages : illustrations ;

I. Complex Numbers and Functions --
II. Power Series --
III. Cauchy's Theorem, First Part --
IV. Winding Numbers and Cauchy's Theorem --
V. Applications of Cauchy's Integral Formula --
VI. Calculus of Residues --
VII. Conformal Mappings --
VIII. Harmonic Functions --
IX. Schwarz Reflection --
X. The Riemann Mapping Theorem --
XI. Analytic Continuation along Curves --
XII. Applications of the Maximum Modulus Principle and Jensen's Formula --
XIII. Entire and Meromorphic Functions --
XIV. The Gamma and Zeta Functions --
XV. The Prime Number Theorem.

The material in the remaining 8 chapters is more advanced, with problems on Schwartz reflection, analytic continuation, Jensen's formula, the Phragmen-Lindeloef theorem, entire functions, Weierstrass products and meromorphic functions, the Gamma function and Zeta function.

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Mathematical analysis -- Problems, exercises, etc.

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