Right-brain project management : a complementary approach

Aucoin, B. Michael

Right-brain project management : a complementary approach - Vienna, VA : Management Concepts, ©2007. - xxi, 312 pages : illustrations ;

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What's Wrong with Project Management? * Child's Play...And Maturity * Two Brains are Better than One * Motivation: The Need to Act * Projects Create Change, Change Needs Leadership * Tools of the Trade: Working with the Right Brain * Doing What Works: Contemporary Projects in an Accelerated World * Making the Complex Simple * That's Incredible: Case Studies of Phenomenal Projects * Principles of Right Brain Project Management * Discovering Fire: Find the Compelling Purpose * Solving the Mystery: Make Sense of the Project * A Trip to the Laboratory: Experiment and Adapt * Painting Without Numbers: Create the New Reality * Doing Business with a Handshake: Exercise and Fulfill Trust * All That Jazz: Hit the Sweet Spot * Telling the Story: Leave a Legacy * The Hero in Us All: The Moral of the Story

Right-Brain Project Management will show you how to combine both intuitive, 'right-brain' approaches and more logical, formal methods to the practice of project management for the best results.

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