Handbook of Applied Optimization

Pardalos, Panos M.

Handbook of Applied Optimization - New York, N.Y. : Oxford University Press, 2001. - xviii, 1095 pages : illustrations ;


Linear Programming --
Semidefinite Programming --
Combinatorial Optimization --
Quadratic Programming --
Nonlinear Programming --
Deterministic Global Optimization and Its Applications --
Decomposition Methods for Mathematical Programming --
Network Optimization --
Integer Programming --
Artificial Neural Networks in Optimization and Applications --
Stochastic Programming --
Hierarchical Optimization --
Complementarity and Related Problems --
Data Envelopment Analysis --
Data Envelopment Analysis --
Randomization in Discrete Optimization: Annealing Algorithms --
Problem Types --
Application Areas --
Optimization Modeling Languages --
Optimization Software Packages --
Optimization Software Libraries --
Optimization Test Problem Libraries --
Parallel Computing Environments --
Experimental Analysis of Optimization Algorithms --
Object-Oriented Programming --
Optimization and the Internet.

This text focuses on the algorithmic and computational aspects of optimization, particularly the methods for solving a wide range of decision-making problems. It covers optimization problems in a wide range of settings, from the airline and aerospace industries to telecommunications, finance, health systems, biomedicine, and engineering.

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Mathematical optimization.

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