Mobile & Wireless Communication Networks

Belding-Royer, Elizabeth M : (Editor)

Mobile & Wireless Communication Networks - New York : Springer, 2005. - 508 p. illustrations.

Understanding the Interactions between Unicast and Group Communications Sessions in Ad Hoc Networks.- Cross-Layer Simulation and Optimization for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks.- Improving TCP Performance over Wireless Networks Using Loss Differentiation Algorithms.- TCP Performances in a Hybrid Broadcast/Telecommunication System.- Handoff Notification in Wireless Hybrid Networks.- Selective Active Scanning for Fast Handoff in WLAN using Sensor Networks.- An Analysis of Mobile IPv6 Signaling Load in Next Generation Mobile Networks.- Peer-to-Peer Based Architecture for Mobility Management in Wireless Networks.- Supporting Groupware in Mobile Networks.- RSM-WISP: Roaming and Service Management in Hotspot Networks Through a Policy Based Management Architecture.- Integrated Reconfiguration Management for the Support of End to End Reconfiguration.- Replica Allocation Considering Data Update Intervals in Ad Hoc Networks.- Anova-Informed Decision Trees for Voice Applications over Manets.- Route Stability Techniques for Enhanced Video Delivery on Manets.- A New Smoothing Jitter Algorithm for Voice over Ad Hoc Networks.- On the Complexity of Radio Resources Allocation in WCDMA Systems.- Optimization of Pilot Power for Service Coverage and Smooth Handover in WCDMA Networks.- An Alternative Metric for Channel Estimation with Applications in Bluetooth Scheduling.- Distributed Pairwise Key Generation Using Shared Polynomials for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks.- Collaboration Enforcement and Adaptive Data Redirection in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Only First-Hand Experience.- A Simple Privacy Extension for Mobile IPv6.- A Trust-Based Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks.- Short-Term Fairness of 802.11 Networks with Several Hosts.- RAAR: A Relay-Based Adaptive Auto Rate Protocol for Multi-Rate and Multi-Range Infrastructure Wireless LANs.- A Non-Token-Based-Distributed Mutual Exclusion Algorithm for Single-Hop Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- The Receiver's Dilemma.- Theoretical Capacity of Multi-Hop Wireless Ad Hoc Networks.- How to Discover Optimal Routes in Wireless Multihop Networks.- Asymptotic Pheromone Behavior in Swarm Intelligent MANETs.- Randomized Routing Algorithms in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- RBR: Refinement-Based Route Maintenance Protocol in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks.- Enabling Energy Demand Response with Vehicular Mesh Networks.- Context-Aware Inter-Networking for Wireless Networks.- Performance Impact of Mobility in an Emulated IP-based Multihop Radio Access Network.- Broadcast Services and Topology Control in Ad-Hoc Networks.- Space and Time Curvature in Information Propagation in Massively Dense Ad Hoc Networks.- Cluster-based Location-Services for Scalable Ad Hoc Network Routing.- On Selecting Nodes to Improve Estimated Positions.- Energy-Efficient Multimedia Communications in Lossy Multi-hop Wireless Networks.- Analyzing the Energy Consumption of IEEE 802.11 Ad Hoc Networks.- Energy-Efficient Reliable Paths for On-Demand Routing Protocols.- Minimum Power Symmetric Connectivity Problem in Wireless Networks: A New Approach.

This book draws together papers presented at the IFIP/IEEE Sixth Conference on Mobile and Wireless Communications. It focuses on the convergence of mobile wireless networks and the Internet, in particular, integrating stand-alone mobile networks with infrastructure wireless networks to create more robust and accommodating wireless networks.

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