Shut up and listen! :

Theobald, Theo,

Shut up and listen! : - London ; Sterling, VA : Kogan Page, 2004. - 186 p. : illustrations. ;

Including Index.

Introduction --
pt. 1. Insight. Revelations: the truth about honesty, charisma, storytelling and more ; What kind of communicator are you?: the truth about your individual style --
pt. 2. How to ... Introduction ; The truth about reading: how to, when to. Getting the most out of what you read ; The truth about writing: context, grammar, tone of voice and use of plain English ; Persuasion: learn through advertising, read the case study, try it for yourself ; Writing: the rules of the tools: how to write email, text and web copy ; Listening: how and when ; Talking: how and when ; Listening and talking: the rules of the tools ; Feeling: first impressions, body language, culture --
pt. 3. Planning for success. Planning: auditing, ditching the time wasters, targeting and achieving ; Six simple strategies: ways to implement your plan.

We are much better communicators when we know more about ourselves, think about how and why we communicate, act according to our circumstances and listen to what others have to say. Basing this book on these key principles, the authors profile 20 individuals and their communication skills.

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Communication in management.
Communication in organizations.
Business communication.

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