Iterative methods for sparse linear systems

Saad, Y.

Iterative methods for sparse linear systems - 2nd ed. - Philadelphia : SIAM, c2003. - xviii, 528 pages : illustrations ;

Includes Index

Background in linear algebra --
Discretization of partial differential equations --
Sparse matrices --
Basic iterative methods --
Projection methods --
Krylov subspace methods, part I --
Krylov subspace methods, part II --
Methods related to the normal equations --
Preconditioned iterations --
Preconditioning techniques --
Parallel implementations --
Parallel preconditioners --
Multigrid methods --
Domain decomposition methods.

"[This] gives an in-depth, up-to-date view of practical algorithms for solving large-scale linear systems of equations. These equations can number in the millions and are sparse in the sense that each involves only a small number of unknowns. The methods described are iterative, i.e., they provide sequences of approximations that will converge to the solution"--Back cover.

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Sparse matrices.
Iterative methods (Mathematics)
Differential equations, Partial

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