Recent advances in linear models and related areas : essays in honour of Helge Toutenburg

Recent advances in linear models and related areas : essays in honour of Helge Toutenburg - Heidelberg : London : Physica ; Springer [distributor], 2008. - xv, 445 pages : illustrations ;

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On the Identification of Trend and Correlation in Temporal and Spatial Regression.- Estimating the Number of Clusters in Logistic Regression Clustering by an Information Theoretic Criterion.- Quasi Score and Corrected Score Estimation in the Polynomial Measurement Error Model.- Estimation and Finite Sample Bias and MSE of FGLS Estimator of Paired Data Model.- Prediction of Finite Population Total in Measurement Error Models.- The Vector Cross Product and 4 x 4 Skew-symmetric Matrices.- Simultaneous Prediction of Actual and Average Values of Response Variable in Replicated Measurement Error Models.- Local Sensitivity in the Inequality Restricted Linear Model.- Boosting Correlation Based Penalization in Generalized Linear Models.- Simultaneous Prediction Based on Shrinkage Estimator.- Finite Mixtures of Generalized Linear Regression Models.- Higher-order Dependence in the General Power ARCH Process and the Role of Power Parameter.- Regression Calibration for Cox Regression Under Heteroscedastic Measurement Error - Determining Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Diseases from Error-prone Nutritional Replication Data.- Homoscedastic Balanced Two-fold Nested Model when the Number of Sub-classes is Large.- QR-Decomposition from the Statistical Point of View.- On Penalized Least-Squares: Its Mean Squared Error and a Quasi-Optimal Weight Ratio.- Optimal Central Composite Designs for Fitting Second Order Response Surface Linear Regression Models.- Does Convergence Really Matter?.- OLS-Based Estimation of the Disturbance Variance Under Spatial Autocorrelation.- Application of Self-Organizing Maps to Detect Population Stratification.- Optimal Designs for Microarray Experiments with Biological and Technical Replicates.- Weighted Mixed Regression Estimation Under Biased Stochastic Restrictions.- Coin Tossing and Spinning - Useful Classroom Experiments for Teaching Statistics.- Linear Models in Credit Risk Modeling.

This collection contains invited papers by distinguished statisticians to honour and acknowledge the contributions of Professor Dr. Dr. Helge Toutenburg to Statistics on the occasion of his sixty-?fth birthday

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Regression analysis.
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Linear models (Statistics)
Regression analysis.
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