Quantitative methods for business

Quantitative methods for business - 12edition. - Delhi: Cengage learning, 2013. - xxv, 880 pages : illustrations ;

Includes index.

1. Introduction.2. Introduction to Probability.3. Probability Distributions.4. Decision Analysis.5. Utility and Game Theory.6. Forecasting.7. Introduction to Linear Programming.8. Linear Programming: Sensitivity Analysis and Interpretation of Solution.9. Linear Programming Applications in Marketing, Finance, and Operations Management.10. Distribution and Network Models.11. Integer Linear Programming.12. Advanced Optimization Applications13. Project Scheduling: PERT/CPM.14. Inventory Models.15. Waiting Line Models.16. Simulation.17. Markov Processes.Appendixes A-G.Index.

This edition of 'Quantitative Methods for Business' provides students with a conceptual understanding of the role played by quantitative methods in the decision-making process.

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