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245 0 0 _aAlgorithms for parallel processing
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500 _aProceedings of the Workshop on Algorithms for Parallel Processing, held Sept. 16-20, 1996, at the IMA.
505 _aA general-purpose shared-memory model for parallel computation / Vijaya Ramachandran -- Supporting a coherent shared address space across SMP nodes: An application-driven investigation / Angelos Bilas, Liviu Iftode and Rudrajit Samanta -- Single-message vs. batch communication / Mark W. Goudreau and Satish B. Rao -- Some simple and practical strategies for parallelism / Nicholas Carriero and David Gelernter -- Locality in computing connected components / Abhiram Ranade -- Routing in optical and wireless networks / Eric J. Schwabe -- Transparent parallel transactions on replicated autonomous databases / Rekha Goel and Gautam M. Shroff -- Mathematical tools for loop transformations: From systems of uniform recurrence equations to the polytope model / Alain Darte -- The scalability of mesh improvement algorithms / Lori A. Freitag, Mark T. Jones and Paul E. Plassmann -- Data parallel performance optimizations using array aliasing / Y. Charlie Hu and S. Lennart Johnsson -- Coarsening, sampling, and smoothing: Elements of the multilevel method / Shang-Hua Teng -- Some methods of parallel pseudorandom number generation / Michael Mascagni -- Performance of parallel sparse triangular solution / Michael T. Heath and Padma Raghavan -- Determining an out-of-core FFT decomposition strategy for parallel disks by dynamic programming / Thomas H. Cormen -- Enabling department-scale supercomputing / David S. Greenberg, William E. Hart and Cynthia A. Phillips -- Providing uniform dynamic access to numerical software / Henri Casanova and Jack Dongarra.
520 _aThis IMA Volume in Mathematics and its Applications ALGORITHMS FOR PARALLEL PROCESSING is based on the proceedings of a workshop that was an integral part of the 1996-97 IMA program on "MATHEMATICS IN HIGH-PERFORMANCE COMPUTING.
650 0 _aParallel processing (Electronic computers)
650 0 _aComputer algorithms
700 1 _aHeath, Michael T.
700 1 _aRanade, Abhiram.
700 1 _aSchreiber, Robert S.
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