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082 _a005.43
100 _aDonovan, John J. :
245 _aSystems programming
260 _aNew York,
300 _axviii, 488 p. :
500 _aIncluded Index.
505 _aP.1 Background -- P.2 Machine structure, machine language, and assembly language -- P.3 assemblers -- P.4 Macro language and mthe macro processor -- P.5 Loaders -- P.6 Programming languages -- P.7 Formal systems and programming languages : an introduction -- P.8 Compilers -- P.9 Operating systems.
520 _aThe book covers material contained in several courses of curriculum 68 as described by the association of computing machimery (acm). This text is self-sufficient in that there are enough details for 370 and pl/i to support the rest of material and it will be useful for graduate students as well as professionals . In addition to discussing the traditional system components of assemblers and macros, the book gives special emphasis to important features of systems programming presently not covered in many texts-compilers, the advanced problems of storage allocation, recursion, operating systems, and i/o programming.
650 _aSystems programming (Computer science)
650 _aComputer programming)
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