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100 _aTanenbaum, Andrew S. :
245 _aDistributed operating systems
260 _aNew DelhiN. J. :
_bPearson Education,
300 _axvii, 614 p. :
_billustrations ;
500 _aIncluded Index.
505 _aPreface. 1. Introduction to Distributed Systems. 2. Communication in Distributed Systems. 3. Synchronization in Distributed Systems. 4. Processes and Processors in Distributed Systems. 5. Distributed File Systems. 6. Distributed Shared Memory. 7. Case Study I: Amoeba. 8. Case Study II: Mach. 9. Case Study III: Chorus. 10. Case Study IV: DCE. 11. Bibliography and suggested readings. Index.
520 _aIntended for advanced courses in Operating Systems or Distributed Systems, this text offers students an explanation of the fundamental concepts of distributed operating systems. It focuses on distributed systems, including case studies of MACH, AMOEBA, and Chorus and DCE, with coverage of the advances in the field.
650 _aDistributed operating systems (Computers)
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