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082 _a515
100 _aAinsworth, Mark
245 _aTopics in computational wave propagation : direct and inverse problems
260 _aBerlin ;
_aNew York :
300 _aviii, 399 pages :
_billustrations (some color) ;
490 _aLecture notes in computational science and engineering, 31.
505 _a New Results on Absorbing Layers and Radiation Boundary Conditions / Thomas Hagstrom -- Fast, High-Order, High-Frequency Integral Methods for Computational Acoustics and Electromagnetics / Oscar P. Bruno -- Galerkin Boundary Element Methods for Electromagnetic Scattering / Annalisa Buffa and Ralf Hiptmair -- Computation of resonance frequencies for Maxwell equations in non-smooth domains / Martin Costabel and Monique Dauge -- hp-Adaptive Finite Elements for Time-Harmonic Maxwell Equations / Leszek Demkowicz -- Variational Methods for Time-Dependent Wave Propagation Problems / Patrick Joly -- Some Numerical Techniques for Maxwell's Equations in Different Types of Geometries / Bengt Fornberg -- On Retarded Potential Boundary Integral Equations and their Discretisation / Tuong Ha-Duong -- Inverse Scattering Theory for Time-Harmonic Waves / Andreas Kirsch -- Herglotz Wave Functions in Inverse Electromagnetic Scattering Theory / David Colton and Peter Monk.
520 _aThese ten detailed and authoritative survey articles on numerical methods for direct and inverse wave propagation problems are written by leading experts.
650 _aElectromagnetic waves -- Mathematics.
700 _aDavies, P
700 _aDuncan, D
700 _aMartin, P
700 _aRynne, B
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