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100 _aShakarchi, Rami
245 _aProblems and solutions for Undergraduate analysis
260 _aNew York :
300 _axii, 368 pages ;
500 _aVolume contains exercises and solutions for Lang's second edition of Undergraduate analysis.
505 _a 0. Sets and Mappings -- I. Real Numbers -- II. Limits and Continuous Functions -- III. Differentiation -- IV. Elementary Functions -- V. The Elementary Real Integral -- VI. Normed Vector Spaces -- VII. Limits -- VIII. Compactness -- IX. Series -- X. The Integral in One Variable -- XI. Approximation with Convolutions -- XII. Fourier Series -- XIII. Improper Integrals -- XIV. The Fourier Integral -- XV. Functions on n-Space -- XVI. The Winding Number and Global Potential Functions -- XVII. Derivatives in Vector Spaces -- XVIII. Inverse Mapping Theorem -- XIX. Ordinary Differential Equations -- XX. Multiple Integrals -- XXI. Differential Forms.
520 _a "This volume contains all the exercises, and their solutions, for Lang's second edition of Undergraduate Analysis. The wide variety of exercises, which range from computational to more conceptual and which are of varying difficulty, covers the following subjects and more: real numbers, limits, continuous functions, differentiation and elementary integration, normed vector spaces, compactness, series, integration in one variable, improper integrals, convolutions, Fourier series and the Fourier integral, functions in n-space, derivatives in vector spaces, inverse and implicit mapping theorem, ordinary differential equations, multiple integrals, and differential forms."--Jacket
650 _aMathematical analysis -- Problems, exercises, etc.
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