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245 4 _aThe consultant's toolkit : high-impact questionnaires, activities, and how-to guides for diagnosing and solving client problems
260 _aNew York, N.Y. :
300 _axiv, 354 p.:
505 _apt. 1. Assessment questionnaires to study your client's needs -- pt. 2. How-to guides for solving your client's problems -- pt. 3. Intervention activities to increase your client's effectiveness.
520 _aWritten and field-tested by practicing consultants, The Consultant?s Tool Kit will save consultants both time and money-as it makes their work with clients much more effective. Each tool or activity is designed to solve a common consulting problem. Reproducible worksheets, exercises, and questionnaires are easily downloaded from the web and customized by consultants to fit the exact needs of each client?and help them effectively implement the solutions. --Publisher.
650 _aBusiness consultants -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.
650 _aProblem solving.
650 _aDecision making.
700 _aSilberman, Mel (Editor)
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