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082 _a658.4012
100 _aStettinius, Wallace
245 _aHow to plan and execute strategy
260 _aNew York ;
_aLondon :
_b McGraw-Hill,
300 _axiii, 99 pages :
_billustrations ;
505 _a1. Planning and executing strategy2. Manage strategically3. Follow the logic4. Assess your readiness5. Plan to plan6. Define your business7. Assess your situation8. Understand your model9. Know your market10. Assess the terrain11. Understand opportunities and threats12. Set feasible goals13. Strategize for goals14. Set priorities15. Pursue your purpose16. Follow your mission17. Write the business plan18. Write the annual plan19. Get the right people20. Obtain commitment21. Align with strategy22. Work across functions23. Execute with discipline24. Monitor and improve25. Learn, change, institutionalize
520 _a Successful corporate strategy must be strong enough to meet the needs of the marketplace, yet flexible enough to quickly adapt when the marketplace changes. This book outlines a framework the reader can use to design and implement a strategy and strengthen the corporation's competitive advantage
650 _aStrategic planning.
650 _aBusiness planning.
700 _aWood, D. Robley
700 _aDoyle, Jacqueline L
700 _aColley, John L
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