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100 _aHipkiss, Anna,
245 _aConsultant : be your best…and beyond.
260 _aAbingdon :
_bQ Learning,
300 _axiv, 258 p.
505 _a1. What if?-- 2. Consulting excellence at work-- 3. What makes a successful consultant?-- 4. What do you really want?-- 5. Valuing what you have now-- 6. Strategies for making it happen-- 7. Client project management-- 8. Managing client expectations-- 9. Avoiding project pitfalls-- 10. Image-- 11. Running a client workshop/project meeting-- 12. Building client relationships-- 13. Handling client politics-- 14. Influencing and negotiation-- 15. Dealing with internal relationships-- 16. Marketing your services-- 17. Starting and running your own business-- 18. Summary.
520 _aBy helping readers set their own goals, analyze their current strengths, and work out how to achieve their aims, this book is a highly personal means of improving key skills in leading, guiding, and motivating teams and individuals. Incorporated within the text are contributions from renowned practitioners in the field, including case studies, anecdotes, and examples. There are checklists, diagrams, questionnaires, and more to make sure that the reader moves through a variety of learning modes.
650 _aBusiness consultants.
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