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100 1 _aFox, Richard,
245 1 0 _aLINUX with operating system concepts /
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505 _a Introduction to Linux Why Linux? Operating Systems The Linux Operating System: GUIs The Linux Command Line Virtual Machines Unix and Linux Types of Users What Is a Computer? This Textbook The Bash Shell Introduction Entering Linux Commands Man Pages Bash Features Other Shells Interpreters Navigating the Linux File System Introduction Filename Specification File System Commands Locating Files Permissions Linux File System Structure Secondary Storage Devices File Compression Managing Processes Introduction Forms of Process Management Starting, Pausing, and Resuming Processes Monitoring Processes Managing Linux Processes Killing Processes Linux Applications Introduction Text Editors Productivity Software LaTeX Encryption Software Email Programs Network Software Regular Expressions Introduction Metacharacters Examples grep Sed awk Shell Scripting Introduction Simple Scripting Variables, Assignments, and Parameters Input and Output Selection Statements Loops Arrays String Manipulation Functions C-shell Scripting Installing Linux Introduction The Linux Operating System Installing CentOS 6 Installing Ubuntu Software Installation Choices Virtual Memory Setting Up Network Connectivity and a Printer SELinux User Accounts Introduction Creating Accounts and Groups Managing Users and Groups Passwords PAM Establishing Common User Resources The sudo Command Establishing User and Group Policies The Linux File System Introduction Storage Access Files Partitions Linux Top-Level Directories Revisited Other System Administration Duties System Initialization and Services Introduction Boot Process Boot Loading in Linux Initialization of the Linux Operating System Linux Services Configuring Services through GUI Tools Configuring Services through Configuration Files Network Configuration Introduction Computer Networks and TCP/IP Network Services and Files Obtaining IP Addresses Network Programs The Linux Firewall Writing Your Own Network Scripts Software Installation and Maintenance Introduction Software Installation Questions Installing Software from a GUI Installation from Package Manager Installation of Source Code The gcc Compiler Software Maintenance The Open Source Movement Maintaining and Troubleshooting Linux Introduction Backups and File System Integrity Task Scheduling System Monitoring Log Files Disaster Planning and Recovery Troubleshooting Bibliography Appendix: Binary and Boolean Logic Index Chapter Review and Review Questions appear at the end of each chapter.
650 0 _aOperating systems (Computers)
650 0 _aLinux.
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