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020 _a9783662536216 (alk. paper)
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100 _aDiestel, Reinhard
245 0 0 _aGraph theory /
250 _a5th Edition
260 _aBerlin :
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300 _axviii, 428 pages :
_billustrations ;
490 _aGraduate texts in mathematics, 173.
500 _aIncludes Index
505 _aThe Basics -- Matching Covering and Packing -- Connectivity -- Planar Graphs -- Colouring -- Flows -- Extremal Graph Theory -- Infinite Graphs -- Ramsey Theory for Graphs -- Hamilton Cycles -- Random Graphs -- Graph Minors
520 _aThis standard textbook of modern graph theory, now in its fifth edition, combines the authority of a classic with the engaging freshness of style that is the hallmark of active mathematics. It covers the core material of the subject with concise yet reliably complete proofs, while offering glimpses of more advanced methods in each field by one or two deeper results, again with proofs given in full detail. The book can be used as a reliable text for an introductory course, as a graduate text, and for self-study.
520 _aThe fourth edition of this standard textbook of modern graph theory has been revised, updated, and substantially extended. Covering all major recent developments, it can be used both as a reliable textbook for an introductory course and as a graduate text
650 _aGraph theory
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