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100 _aO'Donnell, Christopher J.
245 0 0 _aProductivity and efficiency analysis : an economic approach to measuring and explaining managerial performance
260 _aSingapore :
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300 _axxi, 418 pages :
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500 _aIncludes index
505 _aOverview -- Production Technologies -- Measures of Productivity Change -- Managerial Behaviour -- Measures of Efficiency -- Piecewise Frontier Analysis -- Deterministic Frontier Analysis -- Stochastic Frontier -- Analysis -- Practical Considerations.
520 _aThis book provides a coherent description of the main concepts and statistical methods used to analyse economic performance. The focus is on measures of performance that are of practical relevance to policy makers. Most, if not all, of these measures can be viewed as measures of productivity and/or efficiency. Linking fields as diverse as index number theory, data envelopment analysis and stochastic frontier analysis, the book explains how to compute measures of input and output quantity change that are consistent with measurement theory. It then discusses ways in which meaningful measures of productivity change can be decomposed into measures of technical progress, environmental change, and different types of efficiency change. The book is aimed at graduate students, researchers, statisticians, accountants and economists working in universities, regulatory authorities, government departments and private firms. The book contains many numerical examples. Computer codes and datasets are available on a companion website.
650 _aManagement.
650 _aManagement -- Evaluation.
650 _aIndustrial productivity -- Evaluation.
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